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French cemetery on Reichackerkopf, Great War. Bodies exhumed in 1930s and moved to cemeteries of Chêne Millet or Wettstein
Gaschney - the start of the walkGaschney: monument to Chasseurs Alpins of Nice, ReichackerkopfGaschney: monument to Chasseurs Alpins of Nice  Reichackerkopf close upGaschney: French generals' bunker 1915-18GermaniaThe grave of the Capdepon brothers in GermaniaGermania: Charles Banzet 4.06.1915Germania: Jean Capdepon 21.06.1915 & brother Pierre kia SommeGermania Capdepon detailGermania: Charles Banzet 4.06.1915Germania: Clodion Laplanche 15.6.1915Germania: Clodion Laplanche 15.6.1915Germania entrance stoneGermania entrance stone rearGermaniaGermania: postcard  posted 1921